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R 310,177.00

Started on March 30, 20214:00pm-6:00pm3 months

The SACAA Commercial Pilot’s Licence allows the holder to act as pilot in command of an aircraft during commercial operations and may be reimbursed for their work. This licence can allow the user to find work as a Pilot in several fields, it is also a requirement to have when applying for an Airline Transport Pilot’s Licence in future once sufficient experience is built in the work environment.


To qualify attain a Commercial Pilot Licence you will have to meet the criteria set by the South African Civil Aviation Authority. You will have to:

  • Be the holder of a valid SACAA PPL
  • Be the Holder of a Night Rating Endorsement
  • Passed the set CAA examinations (8 Subjects)
  • 200 hrs Total flight time, 100 hrs PIC (solo) time

Course Description

Cirrus Certified Training is a South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) approved Aviation Training Organization (ATO). We form the core Training division under our parent company, CDC Aviation (Pty) Ltd.

CDC Aviation (Pty) Ltd is the exclusive dealer within Africa for Cirrus Aircraft. We are extremely proud to be associated with Cirrus Aircraft in all aspects within the company from Aircraft Sales to Flight Training and Cirrus Aircraft Maintenance.

AS an approved Cirrus Aircraft Training centre (CTC), all students are able to register with the Cirrus online training portal for constant state of the art online material to assist with training, designed by the guys at Cirrus themselves.

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