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Our fleet


Max. range 12017 km

Max. speed 905 km/h

Passengers 2 person


It’s the plane that put Cirrus on the map and transformed an industry. The SR20 is the perfect dual-role airplane: easily manageable for the newer pilot and perfectly suitable for business use.

“With enhanced features galore, the SR20 is faster, more sophisticated and even more luxurious than ever.” -Robert Goyer, Flying Magazine


Max. range 6019 km

Max. speed 852 km/h

Passengers 2 person


The iconic SR22; the world’s first choice of general aviation aircraft. Specifically engineered to give you the lifestyle you want – freedom to go where you want, when you want, without waiting or hassles – and to do it with advanced technological innovation, exhilarating performances and unprecedented style. Make your life possible. For 12 years and counting, the SR22 series has been the best selling aircraft in its class.


Max. range 7657 km

Max. speed 748 km/h

Passengers 2 person


Meet every pilot’s new dream plane. This is the one with everything you have ever wanted -the power, the prestige, all the available extras and more opportunities for your work and life- altogether in one golden aircraft. If flying is your most serious passion, then imagine where your life will take you in the turbocharged SR22T.

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CirrusSA from the start of our company, each and every day, the profound passion for everyone at Cirrus is to create safer airplanes, safer pilots and safer skies. Not just for Cirrus pilots but all pilots. Flying safely will always be our most fundamental mission


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